Autumn Dawn at a Viewing Terrace
Small House by the Water in Autumn

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Jing Liu

Jing Liu was born and bred in Beijing China and is now living with her family in New Zealand. Ever since she was a child, she loved drawing and painting; a state of mind that allows her to creatively express herself and communicate with the world. Being a self-taught artist, she likes sketching and the claborate style of the traditional Chinese watercolour painting the most, and enjoys using lines, shapes, colours, light and shadow to create an illusion of feelings and emotions for audiences. She also enjoys experimenting with different drawing ideas, such as combining sketching and Chinese watercolour on rice paper to create an interesting visual look. Her artworks can also be viewed on Instagram (

Yong Ming Liu

Based in China, Yong Ming Liu is a self-taught artist. He is the father of Jing Liu, who is also a self-taught artist based in Hamilton New Zealand. Yong Ming has a passion for the claborate style of landscape watercolour painting that is a Chinese tradition. He is also fond of Chinese calligraphy. All the calligraphy on his artworks are written by himself. In his spare time and in the morning, Yong Ming enjoys practising martial arts. His favourite form is Xing Yi Quan that is based on twelve animal forms. He also likes Ba Gua Zhang, which is called the Eight Fixed Palms routines.

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Tradition and modernity in Chinese art

Jing Liu holding her art outside of Welcome Swallow Gallery, where it will be displayed.SARAH MORCOM / WAIKATO TIMES Jing Liu has been practising Chinese calligraphy since she was a …